GLCD Font Creator

GLCD Font Creator 1.2

Create custom icons, fonts, and symbols

Generate visual materials compatible with Standard and Graphic LCDs. Import existing fonts or create new ones from scratch, develop signs and symbols, convert images to icons associated with specific executables of folders, save current projects, etc.

GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 is a unique font creator from Pocket MicroTechnics. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 would help web development community to create different type of creative fonts. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 is a unique tool to create number of fonts for embedded systems. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 had excellent utility to create fonts for Liquid crystal display and graphical liquid crystal display. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 would allow layman and normal user to create fonts from scratch. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 is very useful tool for students and professional users. On their site, a smart video tutorial is available for learning GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0. One can create fonts using the functionality of New Project > By Importing System Font if you want to use your own system fonts in the GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 also has a compatibility with number of libraries like mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™ and mikroC™. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 has compatibility with plug-in like swordfish too. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 is high at cost with cost of 19 USD as cost. GLCD Font Creator v1.0.0 support is not that good.

Manoj Goel
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  • Compatibility with plug-in like swordfish
  • Normal users can create creative fonts
  • Tutorial video available
  • Can export fonts from computer


  • Support is not that good
  • High at cost
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